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Delray Beach Termite Control

Whether you own a Delray Beach business, home, or vacation property, it’s important to protect your investment with regular Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection services. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to Florida buildings every year, and in most cases, insurance does not cover the high costs of dealing with a Termite infestation.

Here at Great Southern Environmental Services we specialize in providing professional, effective Termite Control, Inspection and Treatment in Delray Beach. As members of the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida, you can count on us to keep your property protected against both native and non-native Delray Beach Termites.

Types of Termites

The warm, humid climate here in South Florida attracts more than tourists – it’s a haven for a wide variety of invasive, destructive Termites.

Delray Beach Termites include both subterranean and drywood types that multiply rapidly and that left unchecked, can cause significant damage to your property. Subterranean Termites (also known as native Termites or Formosan Termites) live in the soil, creating long tunnels in search of food, while drywood Termites can inhabit healthy dry wood structures including furniture, walls, and roofs.

New Hybrid Termites Now In South Florida

University of Florida scientists have recently confirmed that a new, hybrid species of Termite is now breeding in the Sunshine State. This hybrid ‘Super Termite’ is the result of mating between the Asian and the Formosan Termites, resulting in a Termite that can now both travel underground and burrow through solid dry wood – this new threat is expected to significantly increase Termite-related damage to untreated structures throughout South Florida, including here in Delray Beach.

The Cost Of Termite Damage

Any Delray Beach home or commerial property can be subject to attack from destructive Termites and therefore should be protected. Termite damages to your home or place of business can potentially cost thousands of dollars to repair. When hiring a local Delray Beach Termite Control company consider Great Southern Environmental Services, the best in Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection.

Residential And Commercial Termite Control Services

We completely understand that for every home or place of business the situation can be different, that’s why we create Termite extermination plans tailored to your specific needs. Complete perimeter treatments that include underneath patios, adjoining slabs, inside blocks and behind bricks, pipe penetrations and bath traps are performed.

What Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection Specialist Look For

• Foundation cracks regardless of how big or small they can be a problem. The Termites can easily enter the cracks that are smaller than a human hair’s width. Although the Termites can’t get through the smallest openings within your concrete foundation the openings can provide a pathway to reach the wood that the Termites love to consume.

• Entry points for plumbing are always checked. Also, we look for wood that may have been used to help form the concrete areas of the bathroom. If the wood or any other wooden material that may have been utilized to help form the concrete areas of the bathroom was left behind Termites may be in those hidden areas.

• Room addition and patio area potential problems. Adding a patio or a room to your Residential or Commercial property may leave the level of soil too high, the termite can directly move into your home and stay hidden until the extensive damages become visible. We will inspect these hidden places in and around your residence and identify if there are any termites that have entered by way of these areas.

• A bait system for Termites is not always the best solution. Sometimes it is better to treat the soil instead. Soil treatment can kill the Termites even before reaching your residence and works more than 10x faster than using the bait system. Time is of the essence if Termite damage has already occurred. We provide superior Termite Treatment methods that waste no time in getting rid of your Termite problem.

Do not try eliminating Termites on your own instead hire the local Delray Beach Termite Control professionals at Great Southern Environmental Services. We will deliver fast and amazing results. We employ qualified and trained Termite Control technicians who completely understand the best ways to eliminate Termite problems. If you wish to protect your new or existing Residential or Commercial property from termites GSES is the best choice for quality Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection services in Delray Beach, Florida.

Free No-Obligation Termite Control Estimates

To learn about how our team of Delray Beach Termite Control, Inspection and Treatment experts can help keep your home or business protected against Termite damage, call us today at (561) 963-1988 or Toll-Free (866) 424-4737. We offer free, no-obligation estimates for our Termite Control, Treatment, Inspection and prevention services.


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We take the extra step to keep your Delray Beach residential or commercial property from Termites!

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