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We will eliminate the existing termite colonies as well as keep them from coming back again. Get your safe, green and effective options you desire with our complete termite control Delray Beach and protection plan.

Why Choose Us?

Any kind of home can be attacked by the termites and all home, big or small, both need protection. With the potential for a termite damage costs to run into thousands, only the best control and protection service will. Other Delray Beach termite and pest control service provider may only provide minimum termite treatment specifications, but we greatly exceed them by providing treatment service at maximum application possible. Unlike other company, we are providing you a choice of 3 levels of termite control: economic and effective treatment, wide and longer termite protection, and an Eco-friendly solution.

How Our Termite Control Service Protects your Home?

We completely understand that every home is different, that’s why we have created a termite extermination plan for all of you. We will perform a whole perimeter treatment, including the under patios, with the adjoining slabs, inside the blocks and behind the bricks, pipe penetrations and bath traps. This plan also includes a zero-deductible termite warranty.

Here are the advantages of hiring our termite control services:

• We give termite treatments to the foundation cracks, regardless of how big or small it is. The termites can easily enter the cracks that are less than the human hair’s width. Although the termites can’t eat through any solid concrete, the tiniest of cracks in your foundation will give them the pathway to get to the things that they can eat.

• We treat the plumbing entry points that are often overlooked by others – When concrete on your bath was built, it may have been first formed with wood. If the wood were not removed, or if the plastic buckets or cardboard were used for forming, you may already have termite attacks in those hidden areas.

• We treat room addition and above-slab patio problems – If the addition of a patio or a room to your home leaves the level of soil to high, the termite can directly move into your home and stay hidden until the extensive damages become visible. We will inspect these hidden areas on your home and identify if there are termites entering your house through those often-overlooked possible entry points.

• We don’t use the termite baiting systems – At Great Southern Environmental Services, Inc., we believe that the soil treatments are superior. Soil treatment can kill the termite even before reaching you home and works more than 10x faster than using the bait system. Once the termite damage is already underway, there should be not the time to waste. We will provide you with the superior termite treatment methods, not wasting any time of yours with the inferior solutions.

Hiring our professional termite control services will provide you amazing benefits as opposed to eliminating termites on your own. We employ qualified and trained technicians who completely understand where to treat and how to handle termite infestation. If you wish to protect your new home or maybe treat your old property, Great Southern Environmental Services, Inc. is certainly a wise choice.


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We take the extra step to keep your home secure from pests!

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