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Termite Control Boca Raton

Termites are more than just a nuisance – they’re incredibly tough, resilient insects that can quickly wreak havoc on your Boca Raton home. Each year they cause an estimated $500 million in damage to Florida homes and commercial properties, and in most cases, insurance does not cover these staggering costs. That’s why it’s important to protect your property with regular Boca Raton Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection services completed by a reliable, Boca Raton licensed Termite Control company.

Here at Great Southern Environmental Services, Inc. we specialize in providing fast, effective Termite Inspection, Control, Treatment and prevention services. We have the skills and experience needed to quickly pinpoint any Termite problems in your home, business, or vacation property, and we use the latest in government-approved pest management techniques to stop Termites in their tracks.

Professional Termite Identification and Treatment

Here in Boca Raton, there are four distinct types of termites, along with a variety of sub-species as well. The most common types include the Eastern Subterranean Termite, Formosan Subterranean Termite, Powderpost Drywood Termite and Florida Dampwood Termite. Each type of Termite presents it’s own unique set of challenges to homeowners and Termite Control companies.

Our team of Boca Raton Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection experts are all members of the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida, so you can rest assured that the Termite Control services we provide are proven to be safe and effective.

We’re also Termidor Certified, Quality Pro Certified and Porch Guaranteed, and we pride ourselves on providing you with a comprehensive pest management program to eradicate any existing Termite problem, and prevent future Termite infestations.

Free, No-Obligation Estimates

Whether you need fast, effective Termite Control service to deal with an existing Termite problem, or you’d simply like to prevent Termites from invading your property, we’re here to help. Call Great Southern Environmental Services at (561) 963-1988 or call Toll-Free (866) 424-4737 today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate for Boca Raton Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection services.


Termidor Certified

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We take the extra step to keep your home secure from termites!

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