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Lighthouse Point Termite & Pest Control

Lighthouse Point Termite Control

Whether you are a homeowner or commercial business owner in Lighthouse Point Florida your need for a professional inspection for Termite Control and Treatment is more urgent than for homeowners in any other area of the country.

Termites never fall into a state of hibernation even in the snowy areas of the Northeastern United States. But in South Florida you can be certain that they are always extremely active with all of our hot and humid weather.

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Do you know the Signs of Termite Damage?

Unfortunately most homeowners only become aware of a Termite infestation after a significant amount of structural damage has already occurred to their home. Perhaps they go to a window to install an air conditioner and the sill breaks off in their hands exposing thousands of these nasty parasites.

By this time it is too late. The Termites are likely chewing on every wooded surface of the home. Our professional team of experienced technicians knows exactly what to look for to catch these creepy creatures early during our routine Inspections for Termite Control in Lighthouse Point. We can make sure your home is safe from the rather costly damage that these critters can cause to your home or business.

Are you Building a New Home?

Then don’t forget about our services for Termite Control in Lighthouse Point!

Great Southern Environmental Services works with real estate developers in the area all the time to ensure that these new construction projects are completely Termite free. Most homeowners are unaware that there are actually two types of Termites. We all assume that Termites live and breed inside wooden beams, door jambs, and window sills but the second kind likes to live underground. If the foundation of your newly constructed Lighthouse Point  Dream Home is not thoroughly inspected for Termite Control then you might very well be throwing your money away.

Structural Damage and Destruction

Even though many of the homes in Lighthouse Point are constructed with concrete foundations and base floors, your home can still be at significant risk for a Termite infestation. Termites my like to eat wood for dinner but they actually prefer to breed underground eventually traveling into your home through a type of “mud tube” that these creatures build themselves.

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Once these termites get inside your work area, they will take over every area of the house that is made of wood. The trouble is that you won’t know about it until it is too late. Termites can hide inside walls, under floorboards, inside floor and roof joists, and of course in and around your doors and windows. Nothing is off limits to a Termite! Don’t take chances with your real estate investment.

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Lighthouse Point Pest Control

Great Southern Environmental Services delivers safe and effective Lighthouse Point Pest Control services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need a comprehensive Termite prevention plan to guard against structural damage, require emergency response to a Rodent infestation or you’re tired of finding ant trails throughout your home we’re here to help.

Accurate And Dependable Lighthouse Point Pest Control

If you have ever tried to deal with Whiteflies, Ants, Termites or other invasive insects using do-it-yourself treatments chances are good you have been disappointed with the results. Over-the-counter Pest Control products tend to simply displace pests to another area of your property instead of eradicating them. You may think that the pests have left only to find out later that they were actually multiplying in your walls, under your floors or in your HVAC system.

When you call GSES we will carefully inspect your entire property for signs of pests and will accurately identify any pests we find. Once we have determined exactly the type of Termites, Ants, Rodents or other insects that are invading your space we will formulate a customized Pest Control solution targeting your specific Pest Control needs. We will eliminate your existing pest problems and prevent new ones from developing.

Environmentally-Responsible Pest Control in Lighthouse Point

As a family-owned and operated Pest Control company we are committed to using environmentally-friendly treatments and technologies that are safe for you, your children and pets. We treat every home or business as if it were our very own.

Our Lighthouse Point Pest Control solutions include treatments for your buildings, landscaping and Lawn to ensure you and your family can enjoy your entire home including your pool, deck and outdoor living areas.

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How Great Southern Environmental Services, Inc. was Established

As the owner of Great Southern, I have over 35 years combined experience in Termite and Pest Control, Plant, Lawn and Ornamental, GHP, and Tent Fumigation in the Pest Control Industry here in Florida. I have had ongoing success as a nursery manager, Termite inspector, sales representative, technical representative, as well as supervisory, and managerial positions within the Industry. With hard work and dedication to the Pest Control Industry, I was able to establish a company with the knowledge and know how to provide the customer with the most advanced techniques in order to offer superior services that fit the changing needs of our customers today.

– Sean P. Cronin

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We take the extra step to keep your Lighthouse Point residential or commercial property secure from Pests!

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